There are various applications for using AQUAHEART. It can be used in a diverse range of settings in our daily lives.

Infant Related


For sterilization of baby bottles

Quick and easy baby bottle sterilization! Simply spray 6~7 times inside the bottle and 1~2 times on the teat! After dumping the remaining liquid in the bottle, you can use it without rinsing! It is safe and worry-free as there are no residual substances!


Items that are difficult to wash

Simply spray on toys and baby items that are difficult to wash! For toys that tend to be licked or put in the mouth, spray 2~3 times! To alleviate unpleasant odors such as urine or feces, spray on the diaper!

Kitchen and Food Related


Around the kitchen

For sterilization of kitchens, food factories, tableware, utensils, and food production lines, and many more. Also for alleviating unpleasant odors such as food scraps!


For Perishable Foods

For sterilization of fruits and vegetables! As it is not pharmaceutical, no resistant bacteria will be produced.

For Everyday Life


In Living Spaces

The ultrasonic humidifier creates a very fine mist (dry fog state) of the AQUAHEART solution, which can be spread to every corner of the room, car, office space, etc., helping to reduce unpleasant odors, prevent infection from bacteria and viruses, and combat pollen (allergies)!


Inside Cars

Sanitizes seats, mats, air conditioner filters, etc., and alleviates tobacco, pet, and household odors!


Water Dispensers

For cleaning water dispenser and water purifier components.
*No corrosion damage to the equipment!


For Medical and Nursing Care Facilities

The ultrasonic humidifier creates a very fine mist (dry fog state) of the AQUAHEART solution, which can be distributed throughout waiting rooms, examination rooms, treatment rooms, entrance halls, and lounge areas to alleviate unpleasant odors and help prevent infections from bacteria and viruses!

Pet Related


For cleaning the ears

1)Spray the AQUAHEART solution into the ear.
2)Massage the entire ear to remove any debris.
3)Wipe off the excess debris with a tissue or the like


Wipe body and face for hygiene control

Spray AQUAHEART directly on your pets and wipe them with a towel. This will help keep your pets clean. Especially for pets with wrinkles, dirt tends to accumulate easily, so please wipe them regularly. The deodorizing and disinfecting effects are also very effective.


Prevention of bad breath

Bad breath is thought to be caused in part by grime in the mouth. Spray AQUAHEART into the mouth regularly. The AQUAHEART solution is within the standards for "water fit for drinking" (No. 177) of the Water Supply Service Act, so you can use it with peace of mind.


For Pet Houses

Pet houses are prone to odor accumulation. Spray AQUAHEART to deodorize your pet's home regularly. Spraying and wiping down the flooring and rooms with AQUAHEART will sterilize and deodorize the floors and rooms, thus reducing the amount of odor that fills the room.


For the Smell of Cigarettes

For animals with an excellent sense of smell, the smell of cigarettes can be very stressful. In such cases, simply spray the solution on the area where the smell is most noticeable. Create a comfortable space for your beloved pets.


For Food Trays

Since pets eat from these containers, safety control is a must. AQUAHEART can be used for sterilization and deodorization of food and beverage products. It is safe even if consumed.


Simple Sterilization

Waiting a few seconds after spraying AQUAHEART is all it takes to sterilize the area. For more information, please visit the homepage.


Sterilization of Toys

Spray on toys that pets regularly play with. Simply do this to disinfect and deodorize. It is safe to use, even if your pets lick it.


For Pet Clothing

By spraying onto damp pet clothing right after washing, it eliminates unpleasant odors and disinfects the clothes.


For the unpleasant odor of urine

Simply spray directly on cat litter or pet sheets to quickly deodorize the smell of urine.


To Prevent Territory Marking

Pets tend to mark their territory through means of odors (the smell of urine can be used to mark that area). First, wipe the urine and spray AQUAHEART to deodorize the specified area.

During Disasters


In Times of Disasters

For sterilization of water from rivers, lakes, marshes, residual bath water, and swimming pool water!
*AQUAHEART has met the standards for water used in food production, so it can be used safely and reliably just like tap water!
*AQUAHEART was also used in temporary housings after the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami.

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