Aqua Heart Goes Global


AQUAINT, a sister product, is being expanded to the U.K. and the EU and other countries.
Safe and secure products (technology) developed in Japan being acknowledged around the world.



In ASEAN Countries

AQUAHEART products are now available in ASEAN countries through local partner companies. In Indonesia and Malaysia, the majority of the population is Muslim, and AQUAHEART products, which are alcohol-free, are highly regarded even from the perspective of Halal.


Topics Related to our Sister Products Overseas

AQUAINT was featured on UK's biggest morning show (This Morning) as a game changer in the fight against coronavirus!


“It’s quite incredible” says Britain’s biggest morning show ITV’s ‘This Morning’. Featured during the height of the pandemic in 2020, ITV experts said that our AQUAINT® sanitizing water is “quite mind blowing” and “there’s no stickiness to it – I think it’s a game changer”

Certified by SGS*, one of the world's largest international testing and certification organizations, as safe in terms of composition and chemical properties, etc.

Test Report No. CSA 146830/1

One of the world's largest inspection and registration organizations, headquartered in Switzerland.

The UK's largest parenting charity, recognized by the UK government, which is affiliated with almost every obstetrics and gynecology clinic in the UK.

Recognized as a recommended (approved) product by The National Childbirth Trust (NCT)

UK government approved professional organization that certifies products (goods) as being allergy-free.

Recognized as a recommended (approved) product by Allergy UK

Passed the Sterility Testing specified by the Indonesian government.

Approved as a Sanitizer product

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